a few words about weight loss.

i am following weight watchers, and have been since the end of july.

and i have lost over 30 pounds.

and, mercy me, have i consumed chocolate. and cookies, and pizza, and pie, and fudge, and pancakes, and chips, and kettle corn, and cinnamon rolls, and whoopie pies…and ice cream.

and i have eaten at texas roadhouse three times.

sometimes, when i consumed the aforementioned foods, it was carefully planned out and accounted for in advance. sometimes, i lost control and ate too many servings. sometimes i ate when i wasn’t hungry.

but every day, whether i freaking felt like it or not, i got up and tried again.  sometimes i only made it to 10 AM before the wheels fell off again.

but i tried again.

i am wildly paraphrasing my old boss, who once said that this is the way to victory: string the small successes together. line them up, and just make one right choice at a time.

that is all i can focus on. one choice at a time. the choice to have clementines as a snack while i watched football. the choice to pack my lunch for tomorrow. the choice to go to bed on time. the choice to drink my water.

it is not easy and may never be easy. but i have to say that today, with a few successful days behind me on the new weight watchers program?

it’s kind of fun.


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