cooking and burning.

possibly against my better judgment, today i decided to tackle a cookie recipe that infuriated me, nay, nearly unhinged me, last month.

have you ever read a recipe and looked at the accompanying picture and thought, “awesome, no problem, i got this.”

and the universe laughs.

and you cry.

i have the first “second attempt” batch in the oven right now. the problem before was completely unmanageable dough. it stuck to everything. and i mean everything. i tried metal spoons, plastic spoons, and my hands. i think i actually threw the dough away after baking one batch.

yes, it is in the refrigerator. yes, it was in the refrigerator for over an hour before i tried to scoop it. and still? it was a bit uncooperative.

i have already burned my middle finger on the inside of a 325 degree oven. want to see? just kidding.

and does anyone on god’s green earth know how to get the degree symbol to show up here?


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