waiting on the world to change.

this morning, as i was driving to work, i passed a field of sunflowers just as the song “waiting on the world to change” came on the radio.

it was early, before 8:30. the sky was a new york standard – foggy and gray with a small amount of sunglow peeking through. not even enough to say that the sun was shining.

but there they were – the sunflowers. i found myself looking at an entire field of backs of sunflower heads. their faces were turned to the east, toward that dim, weak, filmy sunlight.

is that all it takes to change direction?

a slim haze of light, a crumb, a scrap, a breath, a barely-there thought in the foggy morning.



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2 responses to “waiting on the world to change.

  1. When I visited you last year, on the way home I passed a field of sunflowers and had to stop and take pictures. They're some of my favorite pictures ever.

  2. Fashioning ordinary paragraphs into poetry again, are we? That's my girl! 🙂

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