waiting never was my strength.

i am filled with bad qualities. i’m lazy. i tend to want to be right all the time. i have a sugar addiction. to name a few.

also: i want. all the time. instant gratification has been my lifelong quest. i have wasted so much time lamenting my lack of ability to achieve instant gratification that i could have plodded on to some worthwhile goals by now.

the waiting! i dropped eric off and now i have to wait. so, for now, i am sitting in a coffeeshop and desperately trying not to chug my nonfat hazelnut latte. while also trying desperately not to strangle the 15-year-olds that are flirting behind me. they’re pretending to be studying, but there is way too much giggling and “um… i don’t KNOOOOW”-ing going on for it to be legitimate studying. “hehehehehehe!!!”

it makes me glad that i will never have to be a 15-year-old again. anywho. off to continue waiting with absolutely zero patience and grace.



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2 responses to “waiting never was my strength.

  1. OMG, Amy! This is the PERFECT opportunity to stretch your writer's muscles. A poem or short story about waiting and listening to teenagers flirt. You must look at the positive side and use this to your advantage.

  2. too late. the teenagers left and now i am just melting into coffeeshop bliss land. it's so cool and dim and …quiet. aaahhh.

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