job. job. job. job. job. job.

tomorrow, eric has a job interview.

it’s an important job interview. he needs the job.

WE need the job. we want to get married. get a place.

all those pesky things that young folks in love strive for.

anyway. keep him in your thoughts, prayers, meditations, chants… whatever.

job. job. job. job. job. job.



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2 responses to “job. job. job. job. job. job.

  1. Good luck to Eric! I'm sure he'll ace it. He seems to do that a lot. :-)Oh, and I think you should come get married on the beach in Florida. Because I'm here.

  2. i know! he's too flippin' SMART! well… about the beach in FL thing. we are kind of intentionally not doing it near anyone. we're either going to city hall it or maybe go to a B&B. i am still trying to iron out the details. i want something that is "us" but not expensive or fancy. and still special. tall order! 😉

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