my lean cuisine life.

i know i haven’t really been tearing it up over here. i have just felt like i haven’t had much to say.

today, when i was eating a lean cuisine for lunch, i realized why.

lean cuisines are sort of weird. boring. unsatisfying.

they look like food, even though they rarely look like the picture on the box.

they kind of taste like food.

they actually all taste the same to me, and they leave me with a bad aftertaste. on the upside, they do manage to get calories, protein, fiber, and nutrients into my body.

they never satisfy me. i feel like i just gulped down a giant glass of air with sauce after i eat a lean cuisine. and then? 20-30 minutes later, i’m ravenous.

this is how i feel about my life. it looks like a normal life. i get up and go about my daily routine, i do fun things on the weekends, i hold down a job, etc. my life is like a lean cuisine imitation of a really awesome and satisfying life. it looks great, but leaves a bit to be desired in the satisfaction and flavor department.

that’s so sad. i used to be one of those people who believed that “only boring people get bored.” i have done a lot, i have tried new things, i have dug deep…. and i’m chronically, helplessly, dispairingly BORED.



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2 responses to “my lean cuisine life.

  1. Aw, Amy! We're all bored. I think the people who have jet-setting lives are probably even bored. Start WRITING. I swear, it breaks up the monotony.

  2. Boy do I know how you feel! And I live in a city that notoriously NOT BORING. but i'm glad to see you back, hoping you start "tearing it up" over here again 🙂

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