just another day in freakland.

for the past two nights i have been dreaming of botched easter cakes (think cake wrecks). i have been alternately disappointed that the cakes were wrecked, then happy because i could take pictures of them, then disappointed when i woke up and realized that the wrecks, the pictures, and the cakes in general, didn’t exist.

last night on my way to pick eric up from work, i wrote two country songs. while i was waiting for him, i sketched out a few characters for a book.

this morning i have already pondered, deeply, and for like, 2 hours, separation of church and state. i’m even thinking about writing an essay.

i’m staring at a giant vase full of mostly dead flowers and i am kind of fascinated by the new color palette.

my back hurts, my nose is stuffy, and i ate pretzel rods and diet coke for breakfast.

this is me, at 100%.


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