peace and gas station coffee.

today, all i wanted was some peace. i had a heck of a week (ok, two weeks) at work. i needed “me” time.

ever since the snow started melting, the waterfall near my house has been roaring so loud that it keeps me up at night. it sounds like the howling wind, except it never, ever stops.

ithaca falls

today i wandered over and took some photos of the falls. then i drove to the other waterfall, across town. on the way, i got the worst craving for gas station cappuccino. you know the stuff. it’s nothing but hot cocoa, really.

i parked in the parking lot of buttermilk falls state park, got out, walked around, took some photos.

when i got back in my car to drive away, the woman in the car that had just parked next to mine got out. she was wearing a sweater almost identical to my favorite sweater in 1999. she had bad hair and skin. she was so excited to get to those falls. she was arranging her hair like she was about to knock on a door for a hot date.

it’s really amazing what nature can do to us. it makes me giddy and peaceful, and i know it does the same thing for at least one other person on this earth.

buttermilk falls

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