One of the best days I’ve had in a long time.

I wasn’t planning on writing about my day-to-day life during this little “best” challenge, but today just happened to be a great day.

It didn’t start out on the right foot. I woke up with what I call “mono pain” – the same aches I had when I was too tired and sore to even wash my hair. I groaned and hobbled my way to work, took a couple of extra strength Excedrin, and tried to settle gradually into my work day.


ha, ha, ha.

hahahahahahahahahahaha! HA!

Before I had even turned my computer on, my phone was ringing. A few minutes later, and a co-worker was asking about copies of one thing. Another co-worker was looking for this other thing. It had all the makings of a terrible day.

But I did one thing at a time. OK, there was that one time when I was doing two things at once, but I really tried not to do that. I got so much done. The day flew by.

I even took a lunch break. I cut up cucumbers and red peppers and a bit of mozzarella and salami and tossed it onto a plate with some snow peas. Everything was delicious. I didn’t eat any chips at work, and I didn’t drink any soda at all today.

And my back actually ached all day. The pain never completely went away, but I was able to have a great day anyway. And the trend is continuing tonight. I am getting some great “me time” tonight. I ate brie for dinner. In a minute, I have to read some library books, because I think they might be due tomorrow.

I have a good life, you know? I’m lucky. And today, I really feel it.


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