the plane dream.

so, i have this recurring dream. or, more accurately, a recurring theme. in my dreams.

the situations are always different, but i am always missing a plane that i had plenty of time to catch. i just get caught up with stupid questions from people or double- and triple-checking my luggage.

there is always a moment of clarity where i come to my senses and realize that i need to get to the plane that very moment or i am going to miss it. and then i never know exactly where the plane is.

by the time i find the plane, it goes down a lot like missing the bus. i’m always right next to the plane when they are shutting the doors. once i was even on the tarmac. usually, i can even grab the door before it closes.

at least one person from the plane’s crew sees me – flight attendant or pilot – and they sort of give me this cheerful wave as i am absolutely panicked and screaming WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT while it becomes so clear that they are not going to wait.

then i usually wake up, feeling like i was actually screaming, and the sheer volume is what woke me up.

more thoughts on the plane dream shall be forthcoming. i’m still unpacking it.

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  1. i have very similiar recurring theme, but instead of an airplane, it's a roller coaster. The theme is always the same but presents itself in various situations: i want to get on a roller coaster, but something keeps me from it. It's been bad weather, friends who don't like roller coasters, broken coasters, weird other world dimensions that keep me from coasters. Only once have I ever made it on. I've always wondered what it means. My theory is that something is keeping me from my ultimate dreams. I think the only time I got on was when i first moved to NYC. strange coincidence, I think not.

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