a little insight that nobody needs.

i have tried to read. oh, have i tried to read. it’s been a long, frustrating path resulting in me nearly hating the internet. i have read enough. so much, in fact, that all of the voices on the internet have sort of morphed into one collective whine.

but one day, i stumbled upon a link to some free ebooks from barnes and noble’s website. so i downloaded a few different genres.

and the one kind of book that can hold my attention?

romance novels.

when i was a teenager, i used to skim the plot and dog-ear the, ah… “romance” sections of these books. now it’s the opposite. “yeah, yeah, heaving bosoms… whatever! but what happens when he finds out she’s pregnant? is he going to divorce her, since their marriage was a sham in the first place? can’t he see that she really loves him?!”

i actually cried many tears over a couple of romance novel characters this last week.

and that makes me sad. i can’t stomach biographies, classics, or any of the other nonfiction i long to read. nope.

i can read romance novels. hopefully i can move on soon, but for now i am extremely invested in the likes of lord blakehurst and verity scott.



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3 responses to “a little insight that nobody needs.

  1. Every once in a while, when I need to give my brain a rest, I go to the library and grab a Harlequin. I call them my brain candy.And don't beat yourself up about not being able to read nonfiction and classics. I find most of the classics (though not all!!!) are just no fun to read and many I just can't figure out WHY they're classics. I also have a lto of trouble with most nonfiction. Every once in a while, I find one that's just amazing and I can read it in a day and love it. But I'm not a nonfiction reader, usually.There is a middle ground, though. 🙂 I love Amy Tan (except her last book), Sydney Sheldon (also except his last book) and all sorts of other novels that aren't considered classics, but are well-written and easy to read.You should read Water for Elephants. Part of it is set in Ithaca.

  2. amy

    i already read water for elephants. i think i even own it. i love me some trade fiction.

  3. I actually didn't buy that one, but I need to. We read it for my book club. I never would have read it on my own. It was totally not what I expected (in a good way!).

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