best practices.

so, i think, when i am all better, that i am going to add naps into the daily grind.

or, i should say, use naps to stop the daily grind.

when i get home and get in my pjs and zonk out for a couple of hours, and then wake up, i feel like i am starting the day all over again.

this is exactly what i have been looking for in my life. a way to feel refreshed at night. i feel like i could go for a walk, go to the gym, read a book, anything.

maybe it’s just because i’m sick, but really… i have been so good about leaving work before i get to the critical point of exhaustion for the day. when i got home today, i wasn’t really tired, but i rested for a couple of hours in bed and then absolutely passed out for two hours.

and now i feel just heavenly. i’m fantasizing about what life could be like on the other side, when i don’t have to turn around and go right back to bed after my nap.

mono might have just fixed my life. really.



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2 responses to “best practices.

  1. My wife, Gretchen, had mono and it was a huge turning point in her life. We did not know each other at the time, but I assume somewhere in the dreaminess of perpetual napping she realized that pj's, the bed, and sleep really were the three most important things in life. I know this because it's been years since she had mono and yet these three things are still her favorites. Hope you get well soon…Colin

  2. Amy he is absolutely correct. I hope you get better soon, but maybe not too soon. Mono (and for the 2nd time actually, I first had it in college) taught me to listen to my body and slow down…though I still don't always listen. May sleep bring you much refreshing and may your dreams be pleasant. Hope to see you visiting Nashville when you are on the up and up!Take care and nap well,Gretchen 🙂

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