so, i really whooped it up today. i am a party animal.

at 1 pm, i went to the grocery store. it was a little dicey on the inside, as i sneezed, snotted, and got really nauseated.

at 2 pm, i went to bed. i slept hard until 330.

i don’t know what happened to the rest of the day. i was in bed, though.

tonight, i took my social hour in the form of a nice facebook chat with ms. bizarro. we bitched about living in this “city” and the lack of good coffeeshops. she opened up her big ole nutrition book and told me that for mono, i need to eat:

Proteolytic enzymes
Vitamin A, E & C
amino acid complex
vitamin B complex and zinc

also something called Dimethylglycine…which we both agreed sounded like a bomb-making ingredient.

i’ll get right to that list, as soon as i finish off these hint of lime tostitos and my sierra mist free. free, mind you. because diet soda offsets the chips.

and yes, next time i need some soda i will phone a friend. i swear. unless i feel ok. then… i’m going in.



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2 responses to “hardcore.

  1. Okay, I know you're sick, but shut the hell up about coffee shops in this town. Stella's is good enough that even if it were our only coffee shop, it would be sufficient.That said, I'm really sorry you're still so sick. Acidophilus is a good idea if you're on heavy antibiotics. If you like yogurt, that's how I'd take it in. The whole point is to restore good bacteria to your system so that you don't suffer effects no one wants to read about online.And I vote that if you feel close to that bad tomorrow, you stay home. Life will go on without a CI event.

  2. amy

    HAHAHA!!! i LOVE that you told me to shut the hell up! now we're making progress. stella's isn't enough for me. i need more. on the flat. i want one i can walk to easily. one that's open past 9. i'm a brat like that.as far as the CI event. i told DK i would at least try to make it. so, we'll see. it might be ridiculous to even try, but i will know the moment that i get out of bed if the day is a "go" or a "no-go."

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