a minor setback.

just over an hour ago, i walked into my supervisor’s office and said, “i think you’re right – i’m going home.” she had seen me earlier in the day (ok, like 20 minutes earlier) and recommended that i go home sick.

but i’m better, i want to yell.

guess what?

i’m not. i’m back in bed, hot and shivering, coughing so hard i feel like i have to puke.

today i only made it through 2.5 hours at work.

and now i am in bed, floating in and out of a weird sleep-like state that refuses to actually become sleep.





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3 responses to “a minor setback.

  1. Aw, I'm sorry to hear that. =(I vote you return to the doctor.Take it easy!

  2. amy

    thanks, megan. i have this weird equation somewhere in my head that tells me i will go back again on saturday if i'm not more improved once i limp through the rest of the week. unless, of course, i feel dreadful tomorrow. then i will call asap. i'm willing to blame today on me going to fast too soon at work yesterday… but twice would be a trend.and i felt SO good yesterday, too.

  3. Amy, get back to the doctor. This thing isn't going away!

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