simply positive.

today, i feel great.

last night eric and i got to spend some quality time together.

this morning’s coffee (eight o’clock) is just perfect.

i am showered and fed. i have no aches or pains.

today is meatball sub lunch day at work.

tomorrow is friday.

i feel like holly hunter’s dad in home for the holidays. “reddi whip… smell it and weep.”

it’s just that good.



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4 responses to “simply positive.

  1. today is hamburger day at work. There may be a lot of things I can't depend on: getting paid on time, my check clearing, but there is always one thing I can count on: every Thursday is Burger Day. And I find a great deal of peace in that.

  2. it's the little things. am i right? am i right?but seriously… you don't get paid the right way?! duuuude. sucktastic. 😦 if you worked for me, i would pay you a day EARLY, you're so awesome.

  3. I love that you used that line! So happy your day is going well, love. 🙂 P.S. Did you know that you're my only friend that digs "Home For The Holidays" like I do? Yep. You and Mandy. I tried to show it off – but nobody liked it. Like, at ALL. I don't care – I still love it, and I'm glad we have that in common! 🙂

  4. Ok, Katie, you guys are not alone! My sister and I fell in love with that movie when it came out. It was like someone wrote the script after attending one of our family holidays. for realz. And Amy, are you hiring?

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