monday on a thursday.

so, this morning when i went groping for my coffee cup, it wasn’t there. i must have left it downstairs or something. maybe i even left it at work. instead of having my coffee cup ready to go when the coffee was brewed, i had to go wash out a travel mug that doesn’t have a lid. NOW what am i going to do?

i decided to go downstairs and make myself a nice breakfast of toast with sliced hardboiled eggs on top. this is, by far, the most common thing i eat for breakfast. i have prepared this meal dozens and dozens of times. maybe more.

as i was slicing the hard boiled egg, a piece went sailing to the kitchen floor. fine. three egg slices instead of four. not the end of the world. i carry the plate with the remaining breakfast upstairs. set it on my desk. and, in a maneuver only i could pull off, i somehow flipped the plate off my desk and sent buttered toast and hard boiled egg slices flying. all over the floor. butter side down.

gah. i’m hungry. hungry and cranky.

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