i miss my friends.

i’m just saying.

the people i knew in nashville? all of you? i miss you.

i have yet to find friend-making success in new york.

i have a few in progress potential friends, but really.

the pickin’s are slim at the moment.

like, i can’t call anyone right now. because i don’t know anyone. i have one friend, pretty much, and we already did something today.

i understand i’ve been in transition for almost two straight years now.

but really. i need to make some friends.



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7 responses to “i miss my friends.

  1. I've just come to accept that friendship is a childhood affectation. I haven't had what I would consider a friend since college. And my parents don't have any friends, so I think it's just something adults don't have.

  2. I was here almost two years and knew NO ONE. Then Chris and I were breaking up and I realized how alone I was.I know this sounds cheezy, but as an adult, sometimes it's all you can do: http://www.meetup.com. I'm in a book club on there and joined a "women's group" kind of thing and have made some very nice, interesting, wonderful friends.

  3. kim, i really hope you're not right. i HAD friends as an adult, i did! i swear.renee… i like the meetup idea. i will seriously consider it, and then i will probably chicken out. 😉

  4. Don't chicken out! Do you know how many people RSVP and then just don't show? I guess because they're nervous (or just rude), but they miss out on some great fun! Just do it. I promise you will not be sorry!

  5. I definitely know how that goes. Been in NYC for a year now and I haven't been able to build the kind of network i had in nashville. man, we were spoiled.

  6. We miss you here in Nashville as well. Nashville seems just like a more friendly place yah know. Glad you're still blogging.

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