so, this weekend i am going to have an open saturday. after my trip to the farmer’s market? and going to the post office to mail a couple of packages?


i don’t remember the last time this happened. june? may, maybe? summer was nowhere near as relaxing as i had initially hoped it would be. i mean… i spent 3 out of four of my days off around the fourth of july at my parents’ house. and two of them? cleaning. hard core cleaning.

so, for tomorrow. part of me wants to be super-productive. organize my files. vacuum under the bed. start hunting for my fall clothes.

and most of me? most of me wants to stay in bed and read, nap, watch movies, and drink orange juice. even though i don’t drink orange juice. i’m actually craving it, ok?

i’m so giddy at the thought of almost an entire day with no agenda.



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  1. I craved orange juice when I was pregnant and after Emma was born.Just sayin' …And sometimes you just need a veg day. Go for it!

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