trying to come to terms with goals.

i have written about this before. i get overwhelmed by goals. i make them. they are always too large (like, for example, the amount of weight i want to lose). i make spreadsheets. i update them as often as possible and meditate on the empty spaces. i get extremely discouraged by my performance. if i think about it long enough, it devolves into becoming extremely discouraged by my late bloomer status. it IS too late to catch up.

i don’t do well with mini-goals (5 pounds? please.)

because in my mind, a little bit of progress is just not good enough.

for me.

yet, if one of my friends loses half a pound, i will jump up and down with glee and tell her to keep up the good work.

today i had a thought. since i fail at goals, and i also fail at mini goals, what can i do to make sure i don’t turn out to be a loser?

i’m thinking it’s time to switch to principles. know what i believe, and try to do the right thing every day. a bit nebulous, huh?

i’m still ironing out the details.



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2 responses to “trying to come to terms with goals.

  1. You know better than to set weight loss goals! Just be happy the scale is moving in the right direction. As for you progress in life or whatever, Julia Child was in her 40s before she published her first cookbook. And no one knew or cared who she was until then. Go see Julie and Julia. It will cheer you up.

  2. (sorry about the delay… I just realized I hadn't checked reader in a couple of weeks to find 200 blogs to read … eeek!! Talk about failed goals!)I just wanted to tell you something I realized recently about how goals have affected me. My goals are more around how I'd get the housework done and kids addressed and schooled. I always used to feel so scattered and never seem to have a connection to getting it done. I realized that I needed to get more micro. I would set my weekly goals. try to break them down to dailies…make the daily goal so achievable I couldn't imagine not getting it… and fail… and try again, adjust as needed….try again and fail. But I just keep working it until I'd make that daily goal. It took years and I'm starting to see progress… I guess the point is, don't be afraid to get up and try again, even if its two steps forward and one step back. Just keep going…

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