eatin’ avocados.

…it's such a good idea!
i just ate what might have been my first avocado all year. it was delightful.
for the curious, i mashed it up and made a sort of fresh guac with scallions, diced cucumber, and tomato.
i ate it with a salad (green lettuce, green pepper, broccoli, and cucumber. with a couple of carrots on the side). 
part-way through, i thought i should just plop the "guac" right on top, and eventually i just stirred everything together.
what a party!

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  1. There's a Mexican restaurant here that has "guacamole salad." Basically: lettuce, tomato, guacamole. No dressing. Yum! And avocado/guacamole is great on a sandwich or in a wrap.

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