a good reminder

last night, i was chatting with a friend on google chat. she mentioned donuts, i swooned, and she apologized for mentioning them/being evil – since i was doing such an awesome job at weight loss.

i blinked.

weight loss. it sounds so familiar. it’s when… wait. i was DOING that this year! i was eating fruit and vegetables and even counting those calorie things. and i lost a good chunk of weight.

but i haven’t counted a calorie in months. or stepped on a scale in … 2 months, maybe? i’ve been BUSY. i have been eating like crap. and i figured that all was lost. i was afraid to get on the scale.

but she said that i looked great.

so this morning, i decided to get on the scale. i expected to see my all time high. or maybe, five pounds less. what i saw?

i have gained 5 pounds. wow! i’m still in the game. all is not lost. i don’t need to give up.

now i just need to let my mouth know.



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2 responses to “a good reminder

  1. Until you are dead, it is never all lost. Even if you gained 50 pounds, all would not be lost.Now get back to eating healthy again!!!

  2. I've been counting calories, too! Mostly because I play so many mind games, telling myself that I've done a really good job all week and therefore deserve that cupcake. But when I log all my calories (I do the fitnessmagazine.com profile login), there it is in bold letters on the screen: Sunday- 2980 calories, Monday – 2200 calories. etc etc.Yeah, I've been SUCH a good girl. Ha. What a joke.

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