i made goals!

they are all related to writing.

they involve me, updating a blog (probably this one) something like 3 times per week. 2-4. average of three. basically just keeping it alive, y’know?

i realized last night that i miss TV. this is a bad realization to have on the same night that i set writing goals. but really. facebook has become my primary source of entertainment. as a result of that, i “know” way too much about too many people. because, you know it and i know it, we are not always really “friends” with the friends we have on facebook. they should replace the little “add as friend” links to say “add as acquaintance” or “add as that chick who was actually kind of mean in high school” or “add as that dude you met that time” …because i am really surprised by the people who want to “be my friend” on facebook.

anyway. if i go too far down this road, i will end up deleting my facebook account again, and i already decided i’m not going to do that.

so the TV. i miss it. i miss the stories. i never liked reality TV so much. but i miss crime shows, and sitcoms, and really clever shows like 30 rock. even the occasional lifetime movie, for when i need a brain cleanse. but i just kind of fell out of watching it. i forgot about it. which is pretty amazing, considering that, for my last few months in nashville, i would walk in the door, sit on the couch with my purse still on my shoulder, and grab the remote. and then i would remain there until about 11 pm.

but i won’t get back to that place, i hope. i have goals. maybe i can make a TV goal? no, no. that’s like saying, maybe i can make a “pan of brownies” goal. it’s better not to bake the thing in the first place than for me to bake it and think i can just eat one. or five. or… what were we talking about?


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  1. You want to watch more TV and I want to watch less. lolI've been trying to read more. I gave up General Hospital after 24 years of watching it. I stopped tuning into NEW shows so I don't get hooked. One more year of Lost, Earl is canceled and almost everything else is reality TV these days. I'll be down to watching Biggest Loser after this year and that will be it. Oh, and Sunday nights on WGN they have the old sitcoms that I love to watch, so I'll stick to those.And now my comment is a blog in itself.Make yourself write. It's so helpful.

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