summer saturday, photo edition.

i woke up at 7:45, took a shower, and headed to the ithaca farmer’s market.

then, i drove to mom and dad’s house.

dad made me breakfast:
eventually, my mom and i headed to my aunt janice/uncle peter’s house to help set up for my cousin rachel’s surprise bridal shower.
(just so she would realize that this was NOT, in fact, a Tupperware party.)

she was definitely surprised.
and she really seemed to be having a great time.

her sisters set up the cutest little centerpieces, and they even drew in an uninvited guest… do you see him?

no? how about now?
after the shower, i was pretty tired. i went back to mom and dad’s and sat around on the couch for a bit while my sister hung out with pickles, the cat.

eventually, i had to drive home – i wanted to get back to ithaca before it was dark.

it was fun to document my day with photos, although i missed a lot! thanks, june, for the challenge!



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3 responses to “summer saturday, photo edition.

  1. That was the most professionally done party banner ever. Is there some "We make fancy banners" store that I don't know about?Also, that bagel sandwich looked delish.XO,June

  2. actually, my cousin's younger sister made it – she's going to art school, so she's crafty like that!

  3. also, my dad is a breakfast professional! although, i did have to request that the bagel be toasted.

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