yum! calories!

last friday, i started counting calories using calorie count (thanks, megan, for the recommend!).
it's so fun! i like counting calories WAY more than counting WW points.
also? the weird place my head used to go with points? i haven't found that place with calories yet. i hope i never do, either …where i would go through parts of the day absolutely starving just so i wouldn't be caught with 3 points left at 4 pm or something.
thankfully, i eat a lot of mostly healthy foods, and i have been pretty active for the last month. i'm not very spendy with calories. and if i am, i just go for a walk or something to make up for it.
i like the new wave of balance that this has brought about. i always imagined calorie counting as this crazy obsessive thing to do… yet it feels LESS like a diet than anything i've ever tried before.
we'll see how it worked at the scale on friday.

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