just for the record

democrat does not equal heathen.

it’s ok to have differing views from the pilly and musty backside of the bible belt…

and still call oneself a christian.

i’m just saying it, because there was a time when i thought this was not true. i thought “god’s candidate” (as he was so non-politically referred to by a couple of people in my old church, while i was going there) was the answer to everything, that america should be some version of a theocracy.

there was a time when i didn’t understand the color gray, only black and white.

i didn’t trust people to make judgments based upon their own morality. i feared that if the government didn’t make all the rules, then the country would fall to pieces in flames.

i didn’t trust the free will that was a gift from the god that i serve.

that is all.


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