dear katie:

i know you can appreciate this.

right now, i’m sitting in my room, on my laptop. i’m looking out from my house (which is on top of a hill). i can see other hilltops, and everything is that crazy electric spring green (see photos from my hike a few days ago). dandelions are everywhere. the sky is gray as far as i can see, and there are several layers  and textures of clouds – and yet. it’s bright and the sun is shining in my window and across my keyboard.

i’m drinking coffee (eight o’clock whole  bean!) and listening to suzanne vega’s “caramel.” and while i was typing this, james morrision’s “undiscovered” came on. oh wait, “jolene” by the white stripes.

i love it when shuffle knows what kind of day it is.

dude. i MISS you.


chester …chesterfield.


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