“about me”

so, i always write minimal information in those “about me” things on facebook and such. how do i sum myself up? i was thinking about updating my “about me” section today, but i realized that what i had to say took up a bit too much room. 😉

i am ridiculous. i am serious. i am ridiculously serious at times; i am seriously ridiculous at others. i love romantic comedies, capers, gang movies, and independent and action films. i have smoked cigarettes, and i have liked it. i love jesus. i can make a new friend in approximately 2.3 seconds. i like working in retail. i am fascinated by stars, the ocean, and weather. i hate being cold but i love new york state with all my heart. i am fiercely loyal – maybe to a fault. i love to laugh so much. i play favorites, and i’m proud of it.  if you offer me wine, i probably won’t say no. i think my family is cooler than yours, but i will never say so (except that i just did). i contradict myself a lot, but i want to be more steady. i am moody. i recently watched a movie where a character said, “each woman is a universe” and i think it’s true. i like dirty jokes and cuss words. i dream in other languages. when i go to bookstores, i move the books around to make room for my (yet to be published – or written) book. i like to listen to my music way too loud. i fall in love a lot, but i’ve never told anyone. i have been single for my entire life. i have a lot of best friends, and i mean it. i love talking on the telephone. jeans and t-shirts are my favorites. i like making out with boys. i chew my nails when i am thinking. i like to burp really loud. i may be addicted to diet coke and coffee. i love to drive. i’m kinda crafty. i’m in love with john cusack. i can make a mean muffin. and maybe the best meal you’ve ever eaten, especially if i have a crush on you. i love rock’n’roll. i would love to meet an alien. i truly loathe mucus in all forms. i like all-natural, locally made soap with oatmeal in it. i want to watch a documentary on how matchbooks are made. i love animals. i also love eating meat. i wear glasses. i like silver things. i have a plant that has been trying to die since 1999 but i can’t let it go. i love to read, even shampoo bottles. i like bricks. i’m insanely proud of the sliver of me that is italian. i have a postcard collection. i still want to learn how to play the guitar. if i ever knew you, i still think about you. i love parker posey. i have an entire armoire full of health and beauty products. i read the dictionary for fun. i like big earrings and hairspray. if it’s pink, i want it. if you’re smarter than me, it drives me crazy. i like to play scratch-off lottery tickets. i want to be famous.



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3 responses to ““about me”

  1. For some reason I was having a lot of trouble finding the “comment’ area. It’s “above” the blog, not “below” the blog. I “miss” you. There really is no such thing as too many quote marks, or maybe there really are no such things as too many quote marks. If you were here, I’d ask you before writing and I’m too lazy to google the answer. See what I’ve become without you?

    About you: I really think you have one of the most diverse personalities, and you are a walking contradiction. You can be jaded and cynical, except that really you’re one of the most sensitive and caring people I’ve ever met. You have enthusiasm and wit, but you aren’t just that–you’re innocent and snarky and romantic and homey.

    You are all the adjectives that only someone as creative as you can think up.

  2. Lp

    you are way crafty, my dear.

  3. You know… I’ve never realized how alike we are. I think you’re my long lost twin.

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