katie, this bud’s for you.

the other night, katie said, “you NEED to write on your blog more.”


i have the day off today- isn’t that when i usually write here anyway? i woke up at ten, puttered around on the internet and made coffee. i drank coconut coffee with coconut creamer for about two hours before i realized that i needed some actual nourishment.

i chatted with four good friends on google talk today, so i feel like i have accomplished a lot. you see… i have dial-up. it’s the only internet connection i can get here, because i live oh, somewhere east of the middle of nowhere. so, keeping up via the internet isn’t always as easy for me as it used to be. it takes large chunks of time to do things like wait for pages to load, upload pictures, etc. usually i just check my email and log off, because i am so exhausted just thinking about waiting for things to load.

i am doing well. i think i’m adjusting to the snow, kind of. i like the way it looks. that’s a start, right? life is falling into some semblance of a rhythm here. i get to work on time, i drink a lot of coffee, i meet friends for lunch and have friends over for dinner, i go to shows.

i’m making friends. i like a boy.

sounds like everything is pretty much back to normal for me, huh?

oh! i almost forgot… i cut my hair.



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2 responses to “katie, this bud’s for you.

  1. Lp

    you drop the boy bomb and leave SO MUCH OUT. thanks for throwin’ me a bone the other night. *muah*

  2. Nice! Sounds like things are taking off for you. Glad to hear that.


    p.s – Sorry you have to deal with dial-up. Welcome back to the 20th century.

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