christmas hangover.

it’s not that i have a hangover in the traditional sense of the word. i have a hangover from too much sugar and too much yelling and raucous partying and also too much sugar. today, as i vacuumed hundreds of tiny shattered grids of chex mix out of the carpet, my head pounded, my feet ached, and my brain cried out for coffee.

thanks, dad, for making coffee.

coffee, that, when i poured it into my pre-creamered mug, barely changed the color from white to almost not-white. coffee, that, when i held up the coffeepot incredulously, allowed me to see through it completely.

thanks, dad, for making coffee.

today i have already made another notch in my belt of self-discovery, and now i am on the path to becoming a more complete and aware and self-reflective person:

i cannot run the vacuum and drink a cup of The World’s Weakest Coffee at the same time.

ah, well. shall i do the obligatory list of presents now? i don’t know when i turned into a present person. i seem to attract them to myself, and for the last few years i have always gotten tons of great presents for birthdays and christmases.

the total haul, including gifts from family and friends:

warm vanilla sugar shower gel
LOTS of my favorite harney & sons teas
a sewing machine
miles davis, the complete in a silent way sessions
an awesome ink drawing
flannel sheets
memory foam slippers (to replace last year’s, which smell roughly like a rotting corpse)
really nice tweezers
a lighted magnifying mirror
lip gloss
night cream
a journal
enough chocolate to keep me in a sugar coma until march
a set of knives
a foot massager
and, of course, my shiny new laptop. on which i am currently typing. yay!



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2 responses to “christmas hangover.

  1. Lp

    you made a killin’!

  2. You always get the most lovely gifts! And yay for a new laptop which means more online Amy!

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