amelia is currently

eating: honey mustard and onion pretzels (note to self: next time get the pieces, not the nibblers)

drinking: mich ultra pomegranate raspberry

reading: the book of five rings (miyamoto musashi); a two-month-old W magazine; Stitch-n-Bitch

feeling: a lot lower than i should; abandoned; alone; homesick for a place i have never been; missing people i have never met

thinking about: life accomplishments, self esteem, katana swords, telescopes, money, foot and back pain, snow, the moon, the bible, unfinished yarn projects, The Boy I Like, christmas, grad school, customers, makeup, health insurance, my new sewing machine.  

wishing: that i could accept the what people can give me instead being hurt when i see them making sacrifices for others that they would never make for me; that i could let people go.



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2 responses to “amelia is currently

  1. woke up sunday morning at 3 am…thinking of “life accomplishments” and “failures” and “acceptance” or lack thereof. i am finding it easier to associate myself with those in the trenches, than those on the peak of the mountain…i love reading your story, and turning the pages as it unfolds. thanks for sharing.

  2. Lp

    i am currently waiting for my test run of fudge snowtops…a cookie recipe that i got from my first cookie swap 3 weeks ago! i couldn’t stop eating them. i’ll let you know how they come out!

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