digging it.


see that? a regular customer made that for me. i said, “does it mean anything?” and he said, “strength, honor, and perseverance.”

i can deal with that.

today, i have been thinking about the things i am using a lot or just kind of fond of for some reason or another. a list, for your enjoyment:

just-add-water soups. they’re quick, filling, and, at $1.50-ish,  pretty inexpensive (when you consider that buying a cup of soup is around 3 dollars and most other lunch options are around $4-6).
32-oz. wide-mouth nalgene bottle with the insert. the whole setup cost around ten bucks and i use the bottle all day and all night long. it makes it easy to drink enough water each day.
coffee from work. because it’s close to christmas, we are brewing “holiday swirl” at TDS every day through december 26. it’s a blend of cinnamon, hazelnut, and vanilla almond coffees… so. freaking. good. and, it’s free when i’m at work. free.99.
PB Twix. those things are so good, they should be illegal. it’s the only candy in the store that i actually keep tabs on, as in “OHMYGOD a fresh box of PB Twix hang on let me go get my money.” i’m not usually a huge candy bar fan. i like whatchamacallit bars, rolos, symphony bars, and kit-kats. i’m pretty predictable that way. but this is… this is something different.
radiohead, in rainbows. i feel like this is probably a pretty popular pick-list item. i have been listening to it in my car for about a month now and i just cannot take it out. it’s the perfect soundtrack for my driving life.
joni mitchell, hits. this is my CD for the house at the moment. i have had this CD for years and i always forget about it until some fall night when i’m bored and decide to go through my CD collection. come in from the cold? river? circle game? clouds? seriously.
my christmas tree. it’s so cute and classic-looking. my mom bought me a fake pre-lit tree at target. don’t get me wrong, i love the real trees. we had a household meeting and agreed that nobody would water a live one, so fake it was.
joy of cooking, 75th anniversary edition. this is one of the best books i have ever owned, period. i can look in the cupboards, look in the cookbook, and come up with dinner. i have never had a bad reaction to something i made from this book…not even to fish loaf. actually, i have made fish loaf a few times, and it’s amazing. not to mention, there are so many helpful hints inside – for anything. really… like how to roll dough or how to skin and cut small and large game.

anyway, today it’s peanut butter cookies, because i need to bake on my day off. so i’ve got to get going… what are you digging right now?


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  1. J

    I’m digging:

    Paulo Nutini — These Streets
    On Writing Well by William Zinsser
    Hot coffee on cold, rainy days
    Letters from my cousin
    Christmas in my heart
    Job security
    Becoming best friends with my brother
    Jamie Cullum — Catching Tales
    A life newly energized and full of hope

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