so, work.

technically, i am still “looking for work.”

i guess i am, sort of.

mostly, i am just “doing work.”

i feel so busy when i am working a full-time retail schedule. i know that it seems like it should be easier than sitting at a desk and answering e-mail all day long. it’s actually harder. i remember now why i knew i had to finish college. i just wish i hadn’t gotten an english degree. i was overly optimistic about the job potential for someone with such a degree. of course, the plan was, originally, that i was on-track to become an english teacher. it took me one semester of graduate school to realize that i had no. desire. to go to work at a high school all day long. i always thought that i loved high schools – but i realize now that i loved my high school. my time there was awesome… but i don’t love other high schools. i actually get pretty twitchy just driving by high schools.

so, i’m in the process of making a plan (does that sound familiar to anyone else? my life sometimes seems like a series of plans for the future tacked to the bulletin board that fell behind the desk.). the plan could involve graduate school or a change of field (i know, did i ever have a field?), or writing a best-selling book.

basically, i’m realizing that in order to actually live and enjoy my life and possibly see any dreams come true… it’s going to involve actions that actually require me to get off my ass.

hehe. i said “ass.”

speaking of, did i tell you that i work at TDS? yep, still going to work at TDS 5 days a week. drinking free coffee all day until i start to feel my ulcers flare, and then switching to water from my nalgene bottle. selling lotto tickets. grinding coffee. counting cigarettes. vacuuming with a 20-year old (at least!) kirby that is as loud as a tractor. guess what kind of tips i got this week? at least 87 pennies, a mega millions quick pick (it’s up to 115 million! come on!), 2 $1 parking tokens, 2 sets of sunday paper inserts (with over $40 of savings! each!), and a cigarette. it’s almost too much to handle. i am FEELING THE LOVE, here, people.

anywho. that’s enough about TDS for now. i’m trying to unwind before I get to get up and do it all again tomorrow. i’m just sitting here drinkin’ a chocolate soy milk, listening to joni mitchell, and enjoying the glow of the christmas tree in the empty house. do you know how rare it is for me to say, “in the empty house?” four people, four schedules… there is almost always someone here. but not tonight. i even got to hang out downtown with S and C tonight. i ate a locker room floor-flavored chicken soft taco (2 bites of it, anyway). then S led us on a quest all over the commons (in 30 degree weather) to find a gingerbread latte. when we couldn’t find any gingerbread anywhere, we finally decided to go to starbucks (blech.) S got in line and ordered…. a PEPPERMINT MOCHA!

gingerbread latte=the only reason i let him drag me into that place.

on the other hand… i slammed a decaf nonfat no whip peppermint mocha faster than you can say, “starbucks sucks.”



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2 responses to “so, work.

  1. Lp

    i’m only allowed 1 peppermint mocha a season…but then i could get it like you did. or make my own concoction of dark chocolate in an envelope with a harney & sons peppermint tea bag (of which i’m currently out…but not for long).

  2. “so, i’m in the process of making a plan”

    Ee gat.
    Me, too.
    Sort of. If that plan includes NEVER finishing my resume. Ever.

    Ah, what a foolproof plan.

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