a few things

first: the fragrance: the artist. from gap. uh-mazing.

second: i want two CDs right now – the vince guaraldi trio charlie brown christmas soundtrack and when my heart finds christmas by harry connick, jr.

third: i might be acclimating. today i carried in wood from outdoors to fill the woodbox for the wood stove. i also picked at the ice on the sidewalk with a shovel. see? i can be not a wus. sometimes.

i had a great day today. i met some friends for lunch and coffee and spending time with them was just… good. i am making memories here, memories that i can already look back on with fondness. relationships are happening and growing. i feel like i can maybe, just maybe, live here.

but i miss a few people a lot right now.  KY, LP, MN, AS, C&JH, NA, E&BB, N&MP, MCR, LD, TH, JG, JB… i have been thinking about you a lot and i miss your guts.

this time last year, i was getting nervous about a very 80’s christmas party that i was planning with a good friend. i miss him, the party, the connect four, the legwarmers, and the too much chips. i miss it all, all of nashville and the way that everything felt possible there.


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  1. Lp

    LP’s guts misses you, too. I, too, was just thinking about last year’s 80s party this weekend…and how that was the “yeast” to my relationship with JH. Wow…it’s been a year.

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