a slice

right now i am listening to shane alexander’s album, stargazer, from the CD player in the kitchen.

i’m drinking a crappy cup of coffee that i made in our decade-old coffee pot. i’m drinking it from a mug that i bought at the salvation army store in corning last july. it’s white, navy blue, and light blue and it says:

Painted Post

i like it because it looks old. it also holds less than most giant coffee cups. also because it reminds me of waiting for guffman, when they are celebrating the susquecentennial. towns really celebrate stuff like that, and i find it hilarious and amazing.

i’m wearing my big brown cable-knit sweater, my rainbow-striped pajama pants, and my red hat. the very same red hat that my mother made me take off before we went shopping last friday afternoon. it keeps my head warm, even though i’m actually too hot right now. i’ve entered into a phase i like to call “cold prevention.” i try not to let myself get cold in the first place, because once i get cold it seems nearly impossible for me to heat back up.

i’m typing on my roommate’s nappy old dell laptop. the song just changed from “moore hotel” to “little woman.” speaking of roommates, one left before i woke up this morning, and the other two woke me up with their talking. every morning before they leave, they ask me what i think of their sweaters, their pants, does this look professional enough, should i wear the shoes or the boots, do i look enough like a teacher? today, we’re all wearing brown and black.

when i turn my head left, i see my magical christmas tree, all lit and wonderful in the morning.

i have officialy had too much coffee this morning, and my stomach feels ill.

the white chihuahua is begging me to pet her, but one touch and i’m covered with hair.

today i work a short shift – eleven to six. i work it again tomorrow, and i’m thankful for the reprieve from early morning shifts. i made oatmeal-raisin cookies yesterday with the intention of taking them to work today.

i have to go get ready for work now.

i’m thinking that i made a lot of mistakes in this post and i didn’t proof-read it. now i don’t have time. but i know i might re-read it later and be mortified at a basic error i made.

this is me, before 8 am EST.


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