the upside

there is an upside to all of this, you know. this craziness, this not-amy place that i feel like i am in right now in my life. there is a broad upside, and it is lined with tall pine trees and leaf-less maples and oaks contrasting against a winter sunset, ice blue and white.

i was with my family on thanksgiving. i see my immediate family at least one day a week, and i could see them every day if i ever needed to. i am getting to know my brother and my sister, to see the cool people they have become in the ten years since i moved out of the house.

i work in retail, this is true. but because of this job, i have met at least six people with whom i hope to remain friends, and i also see a few familiar faces when i am out and about town.

speaking of friends, i am getting a chance to live life with friends i haven’t spent quality time with in about six years. there are a whole bunch of people that i love here, people that i left behind when i went to buffalo and then to nashville. but somehow, thankfully, we have remained friends and i get to see them, spend time with them, laugh and cry with them, and hug them, real-time. it is a precious gift to me that i have these people near me.

and also, the retail schedule? not too terrible. it’s rough sometimes, don’t get me wrong. but it has an upside. i have today off – all day! i woke up in the grey morning, plugged in the christmas tree, made a pot of coffee, and cleaned the kitchen. right now, i’m waiting for my oatmeal raisin cookies to finish baking in the oven. 

see? upside.


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  1. Heather


    So I was wondering if you remember me from The Global Cafe? Heather Marrin? Those were some funny funny times we had. I found your blog in a very funny way and love it. Hope you are doing well.

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