in a shocking turn of events

today i was thrilled with the late fall and early winter of it all. i had to scrape ice and oak leaves from my windshield before i could go to work.

it’s still early enough that the streets are clear, and when the snow falls it floats lazily (yet steadily, somehow) down and melts on the sidewalk. 

tonight i was walking down state street and i hit a roadblock: a grown woman, arms out, head back, laughing and weaving across the sidewalk as she tried to catch snowflakes on her tongue. i wasn’t irritated. i was happy. i felt a sense of solidarity in that moment. here we are, all of us clearly crazy because we choose to live here in this place on the lake that gets so freaking cold. but for now, it’s still 34 degrees and i can get away with 2 sweaters and a big wool scarf, even if it is snowing. and for now, i can stare with wonder at the snowflakes that land and stick to my sweater and scarf. 

i got home a few minutes ago. when i got out of my car and walked toward the house, i realized something – i love the feel and the sound of my boots crunching across snow (yes, i have had snow on the ground at my house for three days. it just… stays there.).

i know that this feeling won’t last, that eventually it will be 20 degrees below zero with the wind chill and i would rather disappear than walk outside of my house and into the bone-chilling cold.

but for now, it’s pretty.

and crunchy.


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