i cried!

i was beginning to think i was emotionally shut down. if you knew me, you’d know that i cry at almost every movie. it doesn’t have to be sad, it just has to move me in some way… and, since i’m a total metaphor person, i can usually dig some lesson out of most movies.

the disturbing thing is that i have hardly cried about leavig nashville. i have built a new life here, become a new person here, done things i never thought i would do here. today i was saying i figured it was probably because i was so focused on going to new york that i wasn’t thinking about leaving nashville.


tonight i spent a couple of hours with friends i don’t know that well – but well enough to know that i love them very much and that they have shaped me just by being themselves. we talked and laughed and watched videos and listened to music and ate cake and ice cream. before i left, this husband and wife pulled me into a hug and prayed over me – a prayer from such an honest place of love that i felt it in my stomach, where nothing can reach. and i cried. i cried so hard, i was dripping all over my shirt. they hugged me and gave me kleenex and said i love you and i left.

in the car, driving home, i held those hours like a treasure and i kept repeating, “god, don’t let me forget this. god, don’t let me forget this. god, don’t let me forget this.”

and i cried. and i laughed. and i cried.

i’m ready.


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  1. stephanie

    This post makes me think of the time you called me bawling after watching Garden State. You just kept blubbering “Zach Graff stole my movie” I didn’t really know how to cheer you up b/c everything I thought just seemed ….insignificant.
    Hope home is better for you than home is for me 🙂

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