8 random facts about me

as tagged by dave… here are 8 random facts about me.

1. i used to play drums. i started when i was 12 and i stopped when i was 19. i only “performed” one time, on someone else’s drumset: “california dreamin'” at the POPS concert my senior year of high school. i also marched in the drumline for one year at my high school. i almost didn’t, but another guy in the percussion section spoke up on my behalf. he said, “i think amy would rather be in the drumline.” so i was… and they had to buy a special drum for me – a little tiny one.

2. i am adopted. i would never dream of calling anyone else mom and dad. the parents who adopted me are truly my parents.

3. i have 3 tattoos: gecko, waxing half moon, and butterfly.

4. i have been friends with my friends melissa, katie, and stan for 18, 14, and 15 years… and they are STILL three of my best friends. i made friends with melissa because we both liked the song “red hot” by debbie gibson. katie because she liked the way i did the voice of powdered toast man from ren and stimpy (“cling tenaciously to my buttocks!”). stan because he heard me say “who would name their kid sting?!” one day in taco bell. actually, he misheard, “who would name their kid STAN,” so he came over to pick a fight about it. we’ve been friends ever since.

5. i have worked at: a newsstand, a news distributor, staples, a factory, linens-n-things, a jewish school, and more recently, a ministry. i also “worked” as an “activist” for one day. i’m so quote heavy because we had to raise money to get paid. the job involved schlepping the streets of portland, oregon asking people for money to save the river. in the rain. with a girl who smelled like patchouli and pot, and who made me meditate with her while she sat on the sidewalk, in the rain, and visualized people folding checks and putting them in our hands. i never went back and i never called. i did that at one other job, too: old navy. i got hired to help open a store and they put me in the position of “recycling” – basically, i spent 3 hours getting boxes thrown at me to break down and stuff in a trash bag. in 90 degree heat. when they gave us a break, i changed out of my shirt and left it on the managers desk. those two instances were extremely out of character for me, and due mainly to the fact that I Won’t Take That Crap for the Money You’re Not Paying Me.

6. i finished school in a non-traditional way. i got my associate’s degree (that i paid for) from a community college from 1995-1997. i didn’t go back to college until 2001, when i took a voluntary layoff from the factory. one day i was broke and bored, so i walked to the library and checked my email. i had an email from a friend saying that “UB is actually a pretty good school” so I went to their website. the application was free if you filled it out online, so i signed up for another 20-minute slot and filled it out. then i called the community college to get my one free transcript sent… and i got accepted. and i got straight A’s.

7. i have never had a boyfriend. i don’t think i’ve ever even been on a date.

8. i moved to nashville in 2004 after dropping out of grad school in buffalo, ny. i didn’t have a job lined up, but i had a place to stay… this weekend i will be moving back to new york. i don’t have a job lined up, but i have a place to stay.


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  1. Wow, you are an amazing person and a great writer. But you already know I think that cause it’s not the first time I’ve said it. I’m so glad I tagged you!

    PS: I was adopted too! 🙂

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