wine, oh!

today i had a phone interview for a position with a winery on one of my beloved lakes. working at a winery is a job i have always wanted, right up there with working for a ministry and working at a bookstore and working as a writer.

i think it went really well. the man interviewing me used words like “laudable” and “milieu” and kept saying that my answers were just what he wanted to hear.

intelligence (or at least vocabulary, but his conversation in general was intelligent) and affirmation all in one package. it’s almost too much to bear. i felt more appreciated after a 40 minute phone call with this guy than i have felt at most of my jobs. all of which i have held for at least a year or three or five.

it’s just the state of the working world, or so i hear.

i will find out on friday what the final decision is, “although it will be tough to find someone more qualified.” he did – he really did say that. since friday is my thirtieth birthday and all, i think it would be great to get a job on that day.

peace, love, and wine (i hope!)


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  1. i think a winery would be a most beautiful place to work at! i’m imagining scenes from ‘parent trap’, ‘a good year’ and (gasp) ‘a walk in the clouds’.

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