checking in

no, really. i just checked in for my flight to ny tomorrow.

i’m downright giddy at the thought of seeing my family and my friends who still live there.

i am excited to swim. really, really, excited.

i am excited for a week off from work (although, of course, i will still have to check and answer e-mail and voice mail).

i am excited for a week out of this nasty nashville weather. it should be a good ten degrees cooler in ny, if my calculations (and the weather channel website) are correct. it will probably still be humid, but please see "pool." i will be in it. often.

be good. i will try to post a little bit from new york.


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3 responses to “checking in

  1. I am excited for you! And your chlorine.

    And I loved your deer story, by the way. See? That was free.

  2. amy

    it was. it was way free.

    unlike the flight. but i think i am willing to pay for a little bit of sanity. 🙂

  3. It’s always great to be with the loved ones. Have an awesome vacation!

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