i bought stuff.
i have eaten 3 meals out in 4 days.
also i drank soda today. which maybe isn’t a big deal to you but i gave it up quite some time ago. and also i drank one last week and swore i wouldn’t do it again.
i also bought an immersion blender, so i can make frappes at my house.
allie, dearest taught me how. to make frappes, not buy completely indulgent appliances.
plus, i bought a plane ticket home to see my family.

those last 2 are kind of necesseties, lest i have a nervous meltdown and drip into the cumberland river, never to be seen again.
i need cold coffee and i need new york, stat.

tomorrow i am back at it. it’s getting easier, though. today i was in a bookstore, for an hour, and i didn’t buy anything.

i think, for me, this whole thing is going to be more about learning what i am willing to buy and why.

ugh. tired and no good words, but you get the point.



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2 responses to “spendy!

  1. mallory

    spending money and not spending money has been so much of a focus for me lately, so i hear ya! i’m still mad at myself for buying coffee this morning.

  2. Hey I found your blog. I love your honesty

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