is someone taking care of it?

I’ve been thinking about something for a few months now, ever since a couple in my church had a baby. The pastor made an announcement at the end of the service to “see so-and-so” if we wanted to provide a meal during the coming week. I immediately thought, “OH! I could make them baked ziti, that would be easy to make, and tasty for them!” I make a really slammin’ baked ziti, but that’s for another day.

A few minutes later, after the service ended and I talked to some friends, I had another thought. I thought, “Wow, so many people have already gone downstairs. I bet there are no days left to make a meal.” So I almost left without asking so-and-so if there were any days left. At the last minute, I just thought, “ASK.” So I did, and to my surprise, I was only the first or second person to approach her. If I hadn’t approached her, she still would have found people to fill in and provide meals. But that’s not the point. The point is that a need was announced to people, and probably most of them thought that someone else would cover it. If we had all thought that way, it would have been up to one motivated so-and-so to find meals. That’s kind of backward.

For the rest of the day, I thought about how far-reaching that idea was in my own life. Every time I see something wrong, or something that someone needs, I always assume that someone else is doing something about it. Or that I couldn’t possibly have anything to offer to that particular need, or that there are so many people with that concern that surely, there is enough being done about it.

Can there ever be enough voices speaking out against injustice in the world? Can there ever be enough people crying out for freedom and healing and mercy? Is there such a thing as too much awareness? I don’t know.

I learned that it’s probably not a good idea to assume that someone else is on top of things, though. This is actually my world, while I live here. I want to make it better for the brief time I occupy it – not leave the burden to a motivated so-and-so with initiative.


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