it’s official, i’m old.

Today i got an envelope in the mail from the Disabled American Veterans. Enclosed were some metallic return address labels (the kind my mom uses when she sends out her bills and my birthday card), some crazy metallic flag stickers (the kind my mom uses to seal the flap of the envelope containing my birthday card), and a letter:


We at the DAV couldn’t help but notice you’ll be thirty in a month and a half. Won’t you take a few moments to become Just Like Your Mother? Every little bit helps.

The National Commander

P.S. We will be sending a greeting card assortment next, so you can sit in your room with your cat and your crochet projects and send miscellaneous notecards to all of the “youngsters” you know!

P.P.S. Don’t forget to buy that cat!

deep sigh.



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4 responses to “it’s official, i’m old.

  1. LEPaek

    just wait until you hit 40…it gets better and better…i promise!

  2. I keep those labels, I am sad to tell you. I currently use Ziggy ones. Now, that spells hip.

    You don’t really turn into your mom till you’re 40.

  3. Elena

    Hahahahaha! This is great! What are people thinking!

  4. Lisa

    Haha, I wish someone would send me some address labels. Since we moved we haven’t got a single thing from a charity and I actually used those!

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