i spent money.

i did it the other night, the night i had my guts ripped out via the blackberry attached to my ear. i was driving home, VERY emotional, and i remembered too late that i needed toilet paper. so i went to the walgreens near my house to buy the toilet paper.

and i actively made a choice to buy a candy bar and a bottled water. i said, “i don’t CARE this has been my worst day this year and i want chocolate and i don’t want to have to cry AND drink tap water all night.”

so i spent about $3, besides the toilet paper. and i actually don’t care. i don’t feel guilty. i would not turn back time and un-spend that $3. so, there’s that.

in other news, i took a few handfuls of my possessions to a friend’s garage sale this morning, and i made about $20 and got a bit of a tan. AND i resisted the urge to go to starbucks at 7 am on a saturday morning. and i also resisted the urge to drive through wendy’s on the way home, after eating nothing but a granola bar for 5 hours.




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4 responses to “i spent money.

  1. LEPaek

    yea for granola bars, sellin’ crap and makin’ a lil cash, cool breezes that hit ya while in the shade of a big tree, and friends who don’t care that you smell like bed. =].

  2. amy

    yes. lovely. thanks again for the g. bar. 🙂

  3. Big hug and great job resisting!

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