the truth will set you free… or something.

The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable

~James A. Garfield

someone told me the truth tonight… at least the truth as this person perceived it.

and it was not pleasant.

it was actually so painful.

it was delivered quickly, firmly, and unapologetically.

it made a cut, and i bled.

i bled for a few hours, actually, in the form of not being able to catch my breath and crying every last tear out of my big, swollen, puffy eyes.

right now there is not much left inside me. my heart is pale, it has bled so much.

it’s still beating, though.

still hanging on.



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2 responses to “the truth will set you free… or something.

  1. I ache for you, friend. Were these words unpleasant because they were partially untrue, or because you recognized something about your self you didn’t want to confront? (Or both?)

    Just trying to understand. *hugs*

  2. I wish the adage about “the truth hurts” wasn’t so pervasive, cause it doesn’t HAVE to hurt.

    This person could have found a way to say just what they thought you needed to hear, in a way that didn’t knock the wind out of you.

    Hope you’re doing okay!

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