gimme. i need.

gimme, gimme, gimme. i need, i need, i need.
-what about bob

i need a pedicure.

but i’m not going to buy one.

instead, i will dig out my plastic box full of pedicure stuff.

and i will give myself a pedicure.

at least now i know how i will keep myself occupied while i am not out watching foreign films and drinking crappy lattes and eating mexican food. i will be at home, trying to figure out how to make myself look nice without spending money.

check the list at the bottom right of the page. that’s the stuff i have actively had to say no to so far. off to add "pedicure" to the list! yippee!



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2 responses to “gimme. i need.

  1. Can you believe it never occurred to me to give myself a pedicure, after five months of not spending? You have been at this a few days and already you are more resourceful than I! You go, brilliant and neat!

  2. jenn

    well done wise one, well done!

    kudos to you

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