taco bell.

so, i am sitting here writing this, and i am eating shelled and salted edamame. but when i tell you that i was thisclose to ordering taco bell tonight, believe that if i had been any closer i would have heard “welcome to taco bell, may i take your order?” but thankfully i swerved across three lanes of traffic (possible because everyone in nashville goes to bed at 9 pm, so there were no cars on the road) just in time to avoid SPENDING MONEY.

annnyway. let me break it down for you, and help you understand how i was going to justify this purchase.

i went to a show tonight. i determined that shows are one thing i am going to have to keep spending money on. i really enjoy contributing to the nashville feed, but if i don’t go to shows, i don’t have so much to write about.

the cover charge was $7, and the vodka collins and tip was $7.50. i consider the drink a part of my cover, so let’s just say it was $15 for the show. this means that now i have reduced the unaccounted-for cash floating in my wallet to the amount of about $17.

around the time i was finishing my drink, i realized i had not eaten dinner. and i was HUNGRY.

so, after i left the show, i battled traffic and drove in circles for about eight minutes before finding a way out of downtown. and that was when i started plotting my expenditure. i considered the cash. the unmarked bills. untraceable. they were never in my bank account. i had this cash BEFORE i started this no spending thing. it’s exempt. i want nachos bellgrande. i will eat it in my car. nobody has to know, even.

what? seriously. i am considering sneak buying and eating taco bell. this is a p-r-o-b-l-e-m. that’s why i swerved the car. and i talked myself down. i knew i had enough food in the house. for crying out loud, if i was that close to eating my arm off, i could just crack open a jar of pickles and eat a few while i was cooking something. or, i could drink a glass of soymilk.


anything but making illicit fast food purchases and hiding them from the internet.

i think that about sums it up.



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6 responses to “taco bell.

  1. LEPaek

    you said “pickles.” (slurp)

  2. amy

    ahaaaaaaaaaaahahaha! i forgot! oh, do i love you,

  3. Start using your affiliation to contact artists ahead of shows. Get them to put you on their list as media. Why pay for shows if your going to review them. Just follow up by writing a review the next day along with contacting them about the post. You need a Nashville Feed email address just say. Good to see you at tea dance.

  4. jenn

    well done!! the border is serious temptation…flee temptation!! 🙂

    only make sure you watch out for other innocent drivers.

  5. amy

    right on dave, it was good to see you too. 🙂 take care of yourself this week.

  6. amy

    jenn, i’m sure that whole careening across west end is just one of the initial kinks that will work itself out as i continue on this journey. thanks for the encouragement.

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