i was 2 clicks away

…from buying this before i remembered that I’M NOT SPENDING MONEY RIGHT NOW.

my friend jacque asked me to make her a brown afghan, and, well, that afghan is the one for her. i know it.

this whole not spending thing is interesting, and i have to think of the places i will still be allowed to spend.

i will have to spend money on some concerts, as i need to do show reviews for the nashville feed. but i will probably have to get more creative and find more really good music lurking, because those are the more inexpensive shows.

no crafts? really? no pottery class? painting class? yarn? cute paper?

don’t feel too badly for me, though. my roommate would tell you that i have roughly a metric ton of yarn in my room. i have so much that *if* there was, indeed, as the rumors go, a bed in that room, it has long ago been obscured by items that were displaced to accomodate the yarn.

i also have other supplies – stamp kits, colorful cardstock squares and rectangles, ink pads, watercolor paints, sketch pads, stationery and stickers and 87 billion miscellaneous notecards. not to mention my marker stash.

so when i whine about not being able to do crafts, i’m not sure what the problem is. i have enough crafty stuff in my possession right now to make crafts for the rest of the year.

but i can’t buy NEW stuff, which is my problem, apparently.



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