happy half-year’s eve

so, i talked in my last post about stopping with the whole spending of unnecessary money as of tomorrow. and i figured, since the dogsitting dog ate my razor, that i should probably pick one up tonight. also, cotton balls, because i am pretty low on those. but i forgot toner. see? i am already in a panicky sweat about this whole not spending money thing.

i bought contact solution, shave gel (a 2-pack that was on sale), and i was parked in front of the lip balms when i realized how hard this is going to be.

i immediately picked up a bajillion-pack of lip balms in assorted flavors that i would hate after two applications (like mango madness and berry smoothie). i thought, “i had better buy these becuse who knows WHEN i will be able to buy lip balm again.” and then i thought, “no, i’d better get the good stuff.” and i picked up a few burt’s bees lip balm sticks. I HAVE NEVER EVEN USED IT. i have just meant to try it. but the very thought of not being able to do it for a long time had me freaking out, right there by the allergy medicine and the vaporizers and the eye drops, and i thought, for one brief second, “i’d better just get one of everything.”

seriously. i was ready to go all supermarket sweep in walgreens. gatorade! mascara! magazines! pringles! birthday cards!

i have issues. i thought i wasn’t very materialistic… yet i feel completely ridiculous thinking about what i “need.”

(p.s. i know it’s not technically half-year’s eve. but june 1 is always my mental halfway point in the year, so… i don’t know how else to explain it.)



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2 responses to “happy half-year’s eve

  1. Oh! I am so sympathetic! I TOTALLY went on drugstore.com and bought a ton of my face wash and hair stuff before I began this venture. I am running out, though, and that is scary. I never thought of myself as materialistic, either!! Oh, I do feel your pain. Will keep reading…

  2. amy

    thank you, thank you. i appreciate your sympathy right now. truly. who knew that one day would be this hard? not me.

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