a duel, of sorts.

so, i’ve been reading bye, bye, buy for a couple of months now. and june cutoff cash and marvin gardens are my "ding-dang" heroes.

i told allie about the blog today, and that i was thinking about doing it as my half-year resolution time "thing." so, she picked it up.

(but in the process, she chose to remind the world that i didn’t stick to the vegetarian thing. she said i lasted about a week. and, i will have you know, miss thing, that i lasted TWO MONTHS as a sugar-free, caffeine-free VEGAN.)

aside from that, i will be doing this no unneccessary spending thing. the savings total on that blog just gets me excited.

tomorrow is day 1.



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6 responses to “a duel, of sorts.

  1. you know the only thing i hate more than misquoting somebody is misrepresenting their choices.

    sorry. 😦

  2. you know i just had to give you a hard time, right? it’s all good.

  3. Wow, do I really say “ding-dang” that much? Anyway, I will not tell you to not spend, as it is not always fun. You have to really set your mind to it. However, it may encourage you to know that I have tried to be vegetarian 9,867,046 times. So maybe not spending is easier. Thanks for reading my blog!

  4. amy

    it might be that you say it that much, or it might be that i re-read your entire blog last night, so it was fresh on my mind.

    anyway, i will probably be trying to veg out again soon, too.

    i can’t wait to feel the pain!

  5. Such a cool concept. I wonder if I could convince Mike to do this.

  6. amy

    leslie, let me know if you guys decide to do it!

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